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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Please find below a summary of all extra-curricular clubs:
Extra-curricular Clubs Autumn 2023External clubs

Information for all EXTERNAL clubs (where the organiser is NOT 'School') can be found below:

Art and Craft Club - Autumn Term 2023

Complete Cricket - Autumn Term 2023

Coolsportz Multisports - Autumn Term 2023

Coolsportz Netball - Autumn Term 2023

Forest Schools - Autumn Term 2023French Club - Autumn Term 2023Go4Goals Monday - Autumn Term 2023Go4Goals Tuesday - Autumn Term 2023

LAMDA Registration Form - Autumn Term 2023

LAMDA Information - Autumn Term 2023

SJ Dance - Autumn Term 2023

Booking of places for INTERNAL clubs (where the organiser is 'School') should be made through our Parents Evening Booking System available here:

Click here for Parents Evening Booking SystemYou will only be able to apply for places for your child at clubs which are specified for their class