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Claverdon Primary

Mission, Vision AND Values


Our aim is to prepare them for this ever-changing world.

To continue to flourish as a school over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead and understand events that will shape our school in the future. We must get ready for tomorrow today. That's what our Vision is all about. It creates a long-term target for our school and provides us with a "Learning Journey" that enables our children to become life-long learners.


Our ‘Journey’ begins with our mission. It states our purpose as a school and serves as the standard against which we make our decisions and plan our actions.

'To inspire a passion for discovery, recognising diversity, effort and creative thinking within a nurturing environment.'


Our vision serves as the framework for our ‘Journey’ and guides our school by describing the capacities children need in order to become successful learners.

  • Life-long Learners: Enabling children to develop a variety of skills, encouraging independent and collaborative learning.
  • Diversity: Broadening children’s understanding of various cultures, developing empathy, respect and celebrating difference.
  • Creative Thinking: Empowering children to think creatively and imaginatively enabling them to become confident learners.
  • Practical Learning: Providing memorable and relevant active experiences to maximise children’s engagement in learning.


Our values lay the foundations for our actions and describe how we behave in our school and beyond.

Everybody is respectful, responsible, resilient and recognises success.’

Together, we:

Reach for the stars and achieve the R’s’.

To do this we encourage everyone to:

  • Respect everybody and everything.
  • Be Responsible for your thoughts, words and actions.
  • Be Resilient and always try your best.
  • Recognise success in yourself and others.