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Claverdon Primary

Personal Development

Self Esteem

Development of every child’s self-esteem is important to us at Claverdon Primary School and we have a number of mechanisms in place to support this, including:

  • Merit Certificates
  • House points
  • 4 Rs stickers
  • Good behaviour at lunchtime stickers
  • Sports Cups 
  • Individual class reward schemes

Team Building

Claverdon Primary School is a friendly and safe school which is fostered through the team building activities we include each and every day. These include:

  • Sports day
  • The house system
  • Class codes of conduct
  • Productions
  • Focus days & weeks
  • The school friendship bench and garden


We have activities as part of our normal school routine in order to develop our children’s self-confidence and well-being, including:

  • Presentation time
  • School Productions Each year, the children participate in our Productions. There are two at Christmas, one for Reception and KS1 and a second performed by Years 3 and 4. Our Year 5 and Year 6 children participate in a production in the summer term
  • Harvest Festival contributions
  • Easter service
  • Records of Achievement


  • House System

There are four houses in the school: Gannaway, Holywell, Kington, and Yarningale named after areas around Claverdon.

Every pupil is allocated a house when they join the school and siblings are put together in the same house.  Children are encouraged to support their house through their work and participation in activities throughout the year.

In September Year 6 students prepare speeches to explain why they would make good House Captains and the KS2 pupils vote for their preferred candidate.

House points are earned for good behaviour, good work or kind deeds.  Pupils record their house points on a chart in each classroom.  On Friday the House Captains count up the points for their house and announce the results in Assembly.  The house with the most points for that week wins the house cup which is decorated with the house colours - green for Gannaway, yellow for Holywell, red for Kington and blue for Yarningale.

On Sports Day the houses compete against each other as teams and a shield is awarded to the winning house.

  • The School Council

Each class elects a representative to the School Council each term. The children are major stakeholders in the school and, through the School Council, are given an opportunity both to make a difference to the way the school operates, as well as to develop their citizenship and social skills. The School Council occasionally organises ballots on certain issues helping to teach our children about the democratic system.

  • School Librarians

We have a wonderfully resourced purpose built library which includes non-fiction books, newspapers and journals to suit our range of ages, abilities and interests. We use our library extensively to teach the children how to find, and use, information in their work.

  • The Reception/Year 6 buddy system

Each Reception child buddies with a Year 6 child. The Year 6s look after their buddy, show them where everything is and help them, especially when they first start. They sit with their buddy in the lunch hall for the first couple of weeks and support them on the playground if they hurt themselves or are feeling a little worried about being in school.

Whenever we have a service at church, the Year 6s walk with their buddy and hold their hand to keep them safe. This really helps the younger children to settle into school quickly and to get to know more of the older children throughout the school. The Year 6 children benefit enormously from the sense of responsibility they gain from the buddy system.

  • Children’s contributions to PTA events

such as running stalls at the Spring Fair and helping with raffles at performances.