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Home learning

The Purpose of Home learning

We believe that homework is an important element of the partnership between home and school. It is a way of ensuring pupils develop independent thought, practise key skills and consolidate learning currently being undertaken in class.

Parental Support

We believe that parental support is vital for pupil’s well-being and for many families it is a way of sharing and understanding the ‘Learning Journey’.

You can support your child by:

  • Having a regular time set aside each week.
  • Giving them a quiet environment to work in.
  • Asking them to sit at a table.
  • Talking through the task to ensure they understand what they are doing.
  • Encouraging them to be independent and take ownership of their learning.

Home learning Guidelines

  • We set homework that is purposeful, consistent and manageable for all pupils. 
  • Homework will be matched to individual children’s needs.
  • Homework will be monitored by the teacher on the due date. The schools Behaviour Policy will be followed if children do not complete homework tasks to the required standard or fail to hand in their homework on time.
  • Home Learning tasks are set weekly (by Wednesday, 4.00pm) using Google Classroom. 
  • Weekly tasks will include: spelling, Mathletics and five comments written into reading diaries.
  • All passwords (e.g. WeLearn, Mathletics) are stuck at the front of children’s reading diaries. Please encourage your child/ren to remember these.
  • We encourage children to complete their home learning tasks by Monday 4.00pm.
  • Class spelling quizzes (tests) are conducted on a Tuesday. Please note that this may occasionally change to a Monday depending on class timetables.

Google Classroom

At Claverdon, we use Google Classroom ( to set weekly Home Learning. All children are added into their 'Classroom' and children will see this invite when they first log into Google Classroom, which they do in school with their teacher.

Please note: If you are trying to login two or more different children, it is easier to set up individual Google Chrome profiles (other engines can be used) and link their logins and passwords to each child profile. For more information on how to do this, please visit:


Mathletics ( is helping children at Claverdon to enjoy maths and increase their breadth and depth of mathematical understanding. Mathletics has many aspects from quick fire calculations, times-table music videos and interactive tutorials in line with the maths topics covered in the primary curriculum.

All children have access to Mathletics through their own username and password (stuck in the front of their reading diary). This gives them access to all the mathematical games, resources and activities.

Mathletics activities are set by your child’s teacher for homework. Once logged on, your child will not have access to all the games and activities until the assigned homework activities have been completed. It is important that children do their best in these activities as the scores are stored and can be viewed by their class teacher. Activities may be reset if the class teacher feels that learning needs further consolidation.

When assigning activities, teachers will use their professional judgement and may select more or less tasks for pupils to provide them with more/less challenge.