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Pupil Leadership

Pupil voice is crucial here at Claverdon and is firmly rooted at the heart of everything we do!

Not only do we use pupil voice to influence all forms of decision making within school, we firmly believe pupil voice plays a crucial role in developing global citizens who are ultimately ready to make a genuine difference to the world around us.

Opportunities for leadership equip our children with the necessary skills to debate fairly and to ensure every child’s voice is heard. We want to make sure our children are proactive in empowering positive change throughout their lives. We are committed to producing articulate communicators who will inspire change in line with our school values, our Rights Respecting School ethos and vision for a better future for all.

We are proud that every child at our school will have at least one pupil leadership role during their time at Claverdon!

"The school has an impressive range of pupil ambassador groups..." (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

Here are our legendary pupil leadership groups!

School Council: Lizzie and Huey (Year 6); Zach and Finley (Year 5); Nicholas and Elyana (Year 4); Alfie and Olivia (Year 3); Noah and Enid (Year 2) and Harry and Finley (Year 1). 

Rights Ambassadors: Maya, Mala, Annabelle, George (Year 6); Serafina, Ava, Lennon, William (Year 5); Finley Powell and Emily H (Year 4) and Isaac and Carys (Year 3).

House Captains: Ben F and Hannah (Gannaway); Sammy and Ellie (Holywell); Mala and Charlie (Kington) and Tallulah and Ellis (Yarningale).

Librarians: Olivia, Arabella, Evie, Lucas, Harry, Bea and Maisy.

Wellbeing Ambassadors: Annie and Annie H (Year 6); Ava, Tabitha, Archie, Oliver (Year 5); Harrison and Tabitha (Year 4) and Charlotte and Erin (Year 3).

Digital Ambassadors: Ben F, Noah and Hugo (Year 6); Daniel W and Daniel B (Year 5); Ollie and Rocco (Year 4) and Rosie and Louis (Year 3).

Environmental Ambassadors: Freddie and Ben L (Year 6); Jess, Amelie, Amy K (Year 5); Zoe Hart and Eva (Year 4) and Matty Rabone and Olivia Henney (Year 3).

Sport Ambassadors: Jensen and Freya (Year 6); Conor and Billy (Year 5); William and Jack (Year 4) and Nate and Harriet (Year 3).

Arts Ambassadors: Georgia, Henry, Eddie and Beatrice (Year 6); Camilla, Darcy, Isabelle and Bethany (Year 5); Leo Roberts and Isabella (Year 4) and Jacob and Mia (Year 3).

And, finally, one of the best things about pupil leadership at Claverdon, all Year 6 children have a buddy in reception who they look out for! 

"Pupil voice is valued highly, and the range of pupil voice groups gives ample opportunities for all young people to put their suggestions forward and for these to be acted upon..." 

"There has been a real shift towards having more pupil voice groups, this has been transformational in developing confidence, attitude and self-belief!" (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our pupil leadership groups this academic year - well done everyone!