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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding for Claverdon School for 2021-2022

Pupils on roll  200
Pupils eligible 4 Pupil Premium @ £1345 = £5380
3 Post Children In Care Premium @ £2345 = £7035
0 Service Child premium
Total allocation £12415

Summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils

Eligible pupils are generally well adjusted to school and cope well alongside their peers. Any issues that arise for these pupils tend to be more related to social / emotional needs.

We have mainly used pupil premium grant to increase teaching assistant support in the classes where there are pupil premium children. Staff know who these children are and allocate additional T.A. support as / if required.

If any more specific support is required for any of these children then the class teacher can ask for additional help.

Measuring Impact

We track pupil progress for all pupils in school.

Our pupil premium children are flagged and generally achieve in line with age related expectations for all subjects. 

Review date for Pupil Premium Strategy

We have at least termly reviews of pupil progress across the school.

The SLT monitor on a more regular basis. Pupil Premium children are scrutinised at each review. Because we only have a few children eligible for Pupil Premium funding, we are flexible in our strategy and adjust support to meet any changing needs.

Prior Academic Year Spend

The Pupil Premium funding that was received by the school during 2020-21 was used in a variety of ways in order to improve pupil attainment and to help overcome any barriers to learning.

We have used our own tracking and monitoring systems to inform us of the best ways to use this money.

We track all pupil progress closely and following our observations, pupils eligible for pupil premium were given additional support, including 1:1 tuition where needed to ‘close the gap’ . Some funding was offered to support extra-curricular activities, to pay for specialist assessments and to buy some specialised equipment.

We have a small number of pupil premium children and have chosen to put some of the funding towards teaching assistant support in class. We have teaching assistants in all classes every morning. Class teachers know who the pupil premium children are in their class so will ensure that these children receive targeted support from the teacher or T.A. as required.