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Rights Respecting

It's who we are!

We are proud to be a GOLD Rights Respecting School committed to learning and raising awareness of children’s rights and embracing our roles as global citizens – we believe we must play our part in getting the world’s to-do list done. Throughout our curriculum, our learning environment and in our daily conversations, the language of the Rights of the Child is embedded in all that we do.

"It was evident that children's rights are embedded across the school and underpin every facet of school life..."

"Children see themselves as global citizens!" (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

We use the word 'culture' a lot at our school and we are proud that visitors see, feel and enjoy our rights respecting culture when visiting our school. 

Article of the Week is taught weekly in every year group - this is something we are very proud of! Not only does it develop children's knowledge of the rights of the child as they progress through our school, but it ensures that our commitment to being a rights respecting school is embedded into our school culture.

"The school has a strong culture of inclusivity and respect which is articulated by children and adults alike!" (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

Whenever possible, we explicitly link our lessons to the rights of the child. We are proud that the history of human rights is threaded throughout our curriculum. For example, when our children explore the concept of monarchy and democracy in each year, they understand the increase of rights granted to people. In our Year 2 unit, Powerful Voices, children are introduced to key historical figures who have fought for human rights: Gandhi (political freedom), Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr (equality, freedom from discrimination), and Malala Yousafzai (access to education). This is important because our children build on their understanding that you do not have to be born into power to make a genuine difference to the world.

"Pupil voice is valued highly, and the range of pupil voice groups gives ample opportunities for all young people to put their suggestions forward and for these to be acted upon..." 

"The school has an impressive range of pupil ambassador groups. Children spoken with were very proud of their roles..." (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

In Year 5 and Year 6, our units on The Transatlantic Slave-Trade and The Holocaust are examples of the horrors inflicted when human rights are not respected. The final unit the children study in Year 6, The History of Human Rights, takes a holistic view of the idea throughout history. It focuses on certain key areas where rights have long been lacking gender equality, children’s rights, racial equality, and freedom of belief. By the time children leave our school, they have a strong understanding of human rights – specifically rights of the child – but also the history of human rights.

"Mutually respectful relationships were very evident during the visit!" (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

Alongside our curriculum, we are (very passionately!) committed to The Global Goals. We have already done lots within school to raise awareness and fundraise with our school and local community. We are incredibly proud of our children's motivation to embrace the global goals to empower positive change

Because of our rights respecting identity, because of our commitment to the rights, because it's part of our school culture... every week, we are inspired by our children because they are determined and motivated to empower positive change!

"Very articulate children who demonstrated a secure knowledge and understanding of rights. They knew a wide range of articles and were confident in the concept of rights!" (GOLD Accreditation Report, 2023)

We hope this information, with the above pictures, gives you a further insight into 'who we are' and how proud we are to be a Rights Respecting School!

Please take some time to read our GOLD Rights Respecting Accreditation Report below!

Click here to view Claverdon's Gold Accreditation Report